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RecSys Wiki is an open platform for everything related to Recommender Systems.

Contact: admin [at] recsyswiki [dot] com (User:Alan)

Copyright Policy

Which kind of content should be in this wiki?

  1. Of course it makes no sense to replicate all Wikipedia articles about recommender systems here.
  2. We should rather write short, concise articles explaining terms that are often used in the recommender systems literature.
  3. Wherever possible, link to existing WP articles, research papers, and other resources available on the web.
  4. Content-wise, a role model could be the ACL Wiki.
  5. Entities we could try to collect here:
    1. algorithms (where described, how they perform, implementations, etc.)
    2. existing (academic/commercial/...) recommender systems (which techniques they use, statistics, sources)
    3. evaluation measures
    4. evaluation protocols
    5. datasets
    6. recommendation tasks/scenarios
    7. problems in recommender systems: Cold-Start Problem, Harry Potter Effect, Portfolio Effect
    8. companies using/developing recommender systems (... that may want to hire recommender system specialists)
    9. recommender system software
    10. RecSys conferences, workshops, journals
    11. research groups in the field

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