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Alphabet is the parent company of Google and many of its (former) subsidiaries, for example YouTube and DeepMind.


  1. Rules of Machine Learning
  2. 4-hour tutorial on Recommendation Systems


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Blog posts

  1. Building Large Scale Recommenders using Cloud TPUs, 2022-10-07
  2. Advances in TF-Ranking, 2021-07-21
  3. Scholar Recommendations Reloaded! Fresher, More Relevant, Easier, 2021-02-12
  4. Announcing ScaNN: Efficient Vector Similarity Search, 2020-07-28
  5. Advanced machine learning helps Play Store users discover personalised apps, 2019-11-18


  1. Trax: end-to-end DL library with focus on clear code and speed; used for transformer models, successor to tensor2tensor.
  2. rax, learning-to-rank framework for JAX, paper
  3. RecSim blog post
  4. ScaNN (Scalable Nearest Neighbors)
  5. TensorFlow Recommenders see also TF Recommenders SIG and TF recommender add-ons
  6. TensorFlow Ranking

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