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The 17th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2011) was be held from August 21 to August 24 in San Diego, California, USA.

Of particular interest for the recommender systems/personalization community, there were sessions on web user modeling, matrix factorization, user modeling, text mining, and the industry/government track which all contain material related to personalization and recommender systems.

The topic of the KDD Cup 2011 was music recommendation from taxonomic and interaction data.


Presentations + posters:

  • Amr Ahmed, Yucheng Low, Mohamed Aly, Vanja Josifovski, Alex Smola: Scalable Inference of Dynamic User Interests for Behavioural Targeting
  • Yucheng Low, Alex Smola, Deepak Agarwal: Multiple Domain User Personalization
  • Xuanhui Wang, Deepak Agarwal, Bee-Chung Chen, Pradheep Elango: Click Shaping to Optimize Multiple Objectives
  • Aditya Menon, Krishna-Prasad Chitrapura, Sachin Garg, Deepak Agarwal, Nagaraj Kota: Response prediction using collaborative filtering with hierarchies and side-information
  • Chong Wang, David Blei: Collaborative Topic Models for Recommending Scientific Articles
  • Deepak Agarwal, Bee-Chung Chen, Bo Long: Locality-Sensitive Factor Models for Multi-Context Recommendation
  • Hongning Wang, Yue Lu, ChengXiang Zhai: Latent Aspect Rating Analysis without Aspect Keyword Supervision
  • Jianhui Chen, Jiayu Zhou, Jieping Ye: Integrating Low-Rank and Group-Sparse Structures for Robust Multi-Task Learning
  • David Gleich, Lek-Heng Lim: Rank Aggregation via Nuclear Norm Minimization
  • Rainer Gemulla, Peter Haas, Erik Nijkamp, Yannis Sismanis: Large-Scale Matrix Factorization with Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent
  • Bee-Chung Chen, Belle Tseng, Jie Yang, Jian Guo: User Reputation in a Comment Rating Environment

Industry/government track:

  • Bruno Pradel, Nicolas Usunier, Francçoise Soulie Fogelman, Savaneary Sean, Julien Delporte, Celine Rouveirol, Sebastien Guérif, Frédéric Dufau-Joel: A Case Study in a Recommender System Based on Purchase Data


  • Gideon Dror, Yehuda Koren, Yoelle Maarek, Idan Szpektor: I want to answer, who has a question? Yahoo! Answers Recommender System

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