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Wanted: Java EE 6 engineer with statistics background 2012-02-10

The Apaxo GmbH offers recommendation experiences and systems for merchants. The system is hosted as a multi tenancy SaaS platform based on semantic and social web technologies. Mahout is used as the machine learning library for analyzing the data and generating recommendations. The application is hosted on a Java EE system. The most important task is integrating customer websites into the system.

We are using the following technology stack:

  • Java EE 6 (Glassfish 3.1)
  • GWT 2.4 with the ExtGWT 2.2.5 Toolkit
  • Mahout 0.5
  • MySQL Cluster 7.2

Your task:

  • Development of scalable Java code (EJB 3.1)
  • Debugging and profiling with current development tools such as jvisualvm
  • Integration of customer systems (ERP, CRM, online shops) with reliable middleware (RMI, CORBA, WS-*)
  • Evaluation and adjustment of machine learning algorithms such as ItemBasedRecommendations or matrix factorization
  • Exploration of data with statistical tools like R and Weka
  • Documentation of the system with UML 2.0
  • Automated testing, verification of software quality and usability

Your profile:

  • University degree in natural sciences with a strong focus on mathematics (Computer science, mathematics, physics) or equivalent
  • Good knowledge of programming in an object-oriented language
  • Good knowledge of statistical methods like distribution fitting, regression, hypothesis tests (T-test, ANOVA)
  • Quick learner
  • Fluently in english

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